Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Modern Bigfoot

Modern Bigfoot

Editor’s Note: This is a post by Daniel Godsil 

I'm a modern Bigfoot, a forest ape for the new millennium.

I'm old school but new age.
I mind speak while I tree peek.
I play tic-tac-toe while I eat cookie dough.
I spend time looking for pine nuts, hey are those donuts?
I'm a laid back gentle forest person, but you should pack your gun.
I'm aggressive while I hide but I don't mind walking by your side.

When I'm angry I tear down trees but could you stop cutting them down please?
I activate my cloak and that's not a joke.
I like to sing and stack rocks, why are you wearing Crocs?
My calls are over the top but I'm still under the radar.
I kill deer and eat fish but only leave footprints.
I have a coned head and a glide in my stride, but that's really just implied.
I've learned humans are dangerous and only watch from afar, but watch me jump in front of this car!
I hide while you seek, hey look a window! Let me take a peek!
I can see infrared light. So nice try, I don't like my picture taken I'm a bit uptight.
I take the occasional dive in the dumpster. Hey it's hard to be a great hunter!
I'm whatever you need me to be! A true Renaissance Man, now excuse me I need to get back to my clan.

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