Monday, October 28, 2013

"Bigfoot Files" Season 1 Episode 2!

Bigfoot Files

Mark Evans visits America's Pacific Northwest in search of 'Sasquatch'. In 1958 a digger driver called Jerry Crew found a series of huge footprints in Willow Creek, Northern California and the Bigfoot legend took off.

Since then the region has had over 1000 Bigfoot encounters. But for decades science has scorned the idea of Bigfoot, and anyone who studies it.

Mark meets some of the Bigfootologists who believe they've come face to face with these creatures: Justin Smeja, who claims to have shot two Sasquatch; Vietnam vet Dan Shirley, who claims he can communicate with Bigfoot by 'wood knocking'; Derek Randles, who's been a Sasquatch obsessive since a close encounter in 1985; and Native American Marcel Cagey, who says a Sasquatch changed his life.

And Professor Sykes reveals the results of his DNA tests on the hair samples he's collected. Will the results confirm the Bigfootologists' stories or will it be bad news?

Bigfoot Files S01 E01
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  1. The hair samples Justin submitted did not require DNA analysis. Why you may ask because the first step is to put it under a microscope and compare it to know other hair samples.

  2. Excellent documentary and so the search continues.