Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Air Force Veteran in Bigfoot Costume Scares His Kids

Bigfoot Costume Scary

"I am an Air Force veteran and had just returned from a 4-month deployment to Afghanistan as a civilian contractor. I planned this surprise for about a month. My kids didn't know I was home yet, so they weren't expecting anything. They love Bigfoot, so I decided to buy a Bigfoot costume to help with my surprise...

When I saw them coming home from school, I ran behind our fence and hid in the trees. My wife had them come outside and play in the yard as soon as they got home. While they were playing I was growling, as you can see from the video. When I son decided to investigate the sound closer I moved out from behind the tree and started growling some more. Once they saw me, they all immediately ran away.

My two daughters were were a little more scared than my son, and their screams were genuine. My son noticed it was a costume when I climbed over the fence, so he was laughing. The kids loved the surprise, and have been talking about it non-stop for the last week."
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