Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Branches of Bigfoot


Branches Of Bigfoot Blog Post

I picture Bigfoot as a tree.

We all start at the base or trunk and as we're traveling up the tree together it begins to branch off. Each branch offers a characteristic that is relevant to Bigfoot, or so someone says. We choose which branches we want to follow. And from the initial branch there are smaller branches that signify aspects that are thought to fall in line with and further explain the original idea.

Some people travel so far on their extensions of branches they crisscross with other branches within other trees. Or other times they reach so far that they find themselves teetering at the end of the tree's flimsiest twig and it breaks. Do you know what happens then? They land on another branch within the same limb and start over again.

I'm at the base of the tree. Sometimes I run up and down the tree and check out the different branches. I never go too far and I never fully commit. I run back down the tree and wait at the base. You know why? Because I'm convinced that the base of the tree is prime territory if I ever want to see a Bigfoot.

By Crystal Devine
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