Monday, October 14, 2013

Update On The Sykes DNA Project

Bryan Sykes DNA Project

Rhettman Mullis just released this statement on Facebook in hopes of clearing up any misconceptions going around about the current project.

"Let me just remind everyone that there is a lot of information popping up here and there about the Sykes DNA project, the documentaries, and paper and I must continue to press the fact that if you do not read or hear it directly from myself or Bryan Sykes, then do not take it seriously. It is become comical to Bryan and I what we are seeing pop up and wondering who is putting out this nonsense? It will all makes sense as things progress, and in the meantime, Bryan and I are not talking. I know it is strange to see professional behavior among real scientists that are in the Bigfoot community, but this is how professionals work in the world of authentic science, we don't talk, we don't leak. So please be patient and everything will evolve, and it will make sense in the end how we have planned this to happen.

Thanks to those of you who are being patient. I understand it is difficult to be patient, as I am in the middle of this project and it is difficult for me to be patient, so I feel for you.

Once the paper is out and Bryan's book is out we will be able to talk more openly about everything, but not until then. When the documentary is schedule for broadcast I will let everyone know. When the paper is scheduled for release, I will let everyone know. When Bryan's book is scheduled for publication, I wil let everyone know. Until then don't believe what you read elsewhere."

Rhettman A. Mullis, Jr.

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