Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Changing Times and Changing Methods

Bigfoot Crossing

This is a post by Mike Akaganglian

A friend and colleague reminded me of this the other day, so this is a revisitation of point previously raised. It is incredibly ironic because I actually heard Bobo of all people make the very point last night on the very show that has most contributed to a problem growing in the community. He cited the need to keep their area they were going to "top secret" because more people than ever are aware of squatching, yet it appeared lost on him, he and his buds are largely at fault for this. That said, the intent of this dissertation is not to knock the show, it does on its own with it's now very stale format. These are four people getting a paycheck for making television at this point. It's my blunt opinion that in doing that they have done much to sell out the Community, and illustrate why profiteering done the wrong way does harm.

The result is that like it or not, times have changed and there are more people out there who are aware of squatching and as a result it is now easier to not just get hoaxed, but also flat out heckled. If you follow some of the facebook groups and like venues, there are plenty of examples of folks sharing too much information and this is not the way to go. the more people who know, the more vulnerable your efforts to manipulation either by hoaxing or like activity. It's hard enough on newbie’s that often they haven't mastered all the tools of the trade but now they are in a more difficult landscape and are in some ways contributing to the problem without potentially being aware of it.

I've been told also that certain for profit groups have no issue outing locations, and the fact is why would they. It's one more future cite for a paid monkey hunt for them in the future, in the meantime if it was your area, that's the point, it WAS your area, and now anyone and everyone knows. It will take a long time for the area to be neutral again if ever, a and the damage is done.

Now is the time when it is more imperative to be clandestine as much as possible in your efforts and keep an investigation close to the vest so to speak, if you want to minimize the chances of evidence contamination or outside interference by hoaxing or similar occurrences. It all boils down to the interest in sincere research verses the desire to be cool by getting on television for three minutes.

In time, Finding Bigfoot will run out of viewers but will remain in syndication because the good lord knows that cable television loves to rerun something to death, so times won't be changing for some time. You need to remember that if you share your information and your efforts with those that have stars or dollar signs in their eyes, you're only damaging your own efforts.
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