Minnesota state officials are baffled by a mysterious carcass found on a county road, prompting further investigation -- leading to speculation that it may be a boar, an ox, or even a chupacabra.

The hairless white creature was discovered with five claws, dark tufts of hair on its back, and long toenails. With experts unable to identify the mystery mammal, people started talking.

Lacey Ilse told KSAX-TV she was driving near her home on County Road 86, south of Alexandria, when she spotted the mysterious mammal.

"We saw something in the middle of the road, and we knew it wasn't a dog or a cat, because it didn't have hair. It had a clump of hair and all the rest was just white skin," Ilse said. "Its ear was all misshaped. To me, it looked like half-human."

Some folks believe it to be a chupacabra.

"First guess was a badger with like, a case of mange,” Noelle Jones told KSAX-TV. “But then, some other people were saying, like a chupacabra. And after looking at some pictures, I was like, 'you know, it's possible."