Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rhettman Issues Statement About Sykes Project


An open letter to the Bigfoot research community:

Now that the “Bigfoot Files” television series has aired, I can talk more about it. I must first preface my comments by saying there are still things I cannot say because Bryan’s paper is in peer-review and his book is scheduled to come out in the spring.

Bryan Sykes and the mug With a fundamental understanding that Bigfoot do exist, we take a multidisciplinary approach to learning more about the species. When we began working with Bryan on the DNA project we had one goal in mind – not to prove or disprove that Bigfoot exists, but to answer the question, “What are they?”

We knew the project’s outcome would be conditional on what we received as samples. If you have seen the TV series you saw that 12 samples’ results were revealed. All were known animals, with the exception of some glass fibers sent from Russia. As you can see, a lot of money and effort was wasted on some samples. It must be noted that Bryan generously self-funded this project all on his own, including all of the travel. I can tell you that this has not been cheap and I doubt if he will ever recoup his investment, so those who claim that he is in this for the money don’t know what they are talking about. Neither Bryan, nor Bigfootology, charged anyone for processing, shipping and analyzing the samples for this project.

The results aired on the television shows do not compromise Bryan’s paper in peer review. The show is purely entertainment and as I said before, we had no control over it. So the concerns of some people who think that results revealed in the show are leaks from the paper are unfounded.  We kept things quiet for so long, why would we suddenly “leak” anything?  We are a professional organization and adhere to the proper scientific process.

Rhettman A. Mullis
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Bigfoot Files: Episode 1
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