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Bigfoot Research News 2013 Year In Review Pt 1


2013 year in review

First of all I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to my blog this year and to Shawn Evidence for helping me out when I first got started blogging.

2013 had it's ups and downs, twists and turns, but overall there were some good things that happened in the Bigfoot world.

I started the blog in February and here are some of the popular posts of the year.

FEBRUARY: Rick Dyer & Matilda

With the backing of Facebook Find Bigfoot, Rick Dyer solidifies his hoax and garners a decent-sized following. This was also a big month for his outspoken critics, including this blog. We focused a lot of our attention on exposing Tricky Dick. You can find more posts on this in the Hoax label of the blog.

RICK DYER GOES ON RECORD ABOUT ALL THE BIGFOOT SCAMS. In this show that took place in 2010 he talks about how he doesn't believe in Bigfoot and that it's all a big scam.

Despite all the negativity the hoax drew, we had to have a little fun with it. Thus, the birth of Tracker Tom. Here is Tom after he finds out Rick has been lying to him all this time.

You can see more of Tom's videos here: Tracker Tom

That big hairy looking thing that looked like a 70's shag rug with an air pump under it.

Melba Ketchum had started her tireless campaign of proving the forest people to the community and the masses.

Pictures of Matilda's face surface and despite looking like a Chewbacca mask, Matt Moneymaker stands behind them. Photos Of Matilda The Sleeping Sasquatch Have Been Leaked

You can find more articles on Melba here

MARCH: The Hoax Continues 

Freezer boy continues to be a major topic of discussion in the community, and I write a popular piece.

Rick Dyer is Winning The WarWho Is The Mastermind Behind The Current Bigfoot Hoax?

Bigfoot Art
Why is Bigfoot So Afraid of Us?  by Johnny Bigfoot

Someone adds a dash of humor to the scene with this post: Sasquatch Slow Cooker Recipe

A major Bigfoot group decides they want to call them Wood Apes instead of Bigfoot.Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy Changes Name

APRIL: Rumors of "Hank" Circulate 

Hank Dead Bigfoot

Some of the "haters" decide to have a little fun with the Dyerites.
Robert Lindsay & The Bigoot Pic (Hank)

Other popular stories of the month:
Washington state woman starts Bigfoot-tracking club

Our friend Barry opens up about his childhood encounter:
A Close Encounter With Bigfoot

MAY: Hoax is Busted & Pennsylvania Bigfoot Shooting Rumor

Bigfoot Hoax

Rick's big movie "Shooting Bigfoot" turns out to be a bust and the hoax falls apart. Many of his ardent supporters jump ship and a huge victory is felt by the "haters", but not before Rick & Musky Share A Special Moment

 Hoax is Busted - Victory Lap is under way

A 911 call was made and all hell broke loose in the Bigfoot community. Pennsylvania became the talk of the land after it was purported that a Bigfoot was shot and killed there. Rumors circulated and the articles rolled out, but in the end, no Bigfoot was killed.

Bigfoot NOT Shot In Pennsylvania


JUNE: The Community Loses A Great Man.

A man liked and respected by many in the community passes away from a heart attack.

RIP Stephen Rockwell Williams: The Bigfoot Enthusiast

Stephen Rockwell Williams

A new series entitled: Mountain Monsters premieres.

A Bigfoot picture gains a lot of attention, only to be found in a hearing aid commercial.

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