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Bigfoot Research News 2013 Year In Review Pt 2

Bigfoot Research News Year in Review

JULY: Joe Rogan Delves Into Bigfoot & Charlie Sheen Searches For The Loch Ness Monster

Joe's first episode of  his new show: "Joe Rogan Questions Everything" focuses on the Bigfoot phenomenon.

How cool, Charlie Sheen to search for Nessie. God knows he has the resources. I didn't hear any follow-ups to his search, so if you know anything let me know.
Charlie Sheen To Search For Loch Ness Monster

Other popular stories for July were:

Bigfoot Declared To Exist By US Army 
This is a compilation of older articles that shows at least the Army was/is interested in the Big Fella.

Audio Expert Claims Proof of Bigfoot's Existence
A retired man from the Navy who spent 17-years as a crypto-linguist, says what he hears in his headphones is strange, disturbing and unexplainable.

Bigfoot Audio



Our friends over at the Genoskwa Project have a huge turnout at their town meeting
Genoskwa Project Having Town Meeting in Ohio 

For more posts on them click here or to join their Facebook group click below.

When Will Bigfoot Be Discovered? Poll Results  
Close Encounters with Bigfoot (Documentary)


Bigfoot (Matilda) footage is released by the Erickson Project and Melba holds a news conference.

Matilda Bigfoot

Bigfoot Footage From the Erickson Project 

Hunter Kills a Real Chupacabra?


OCTOBER: "Bigfoot Files" Airs & Team Tracker Falls Apart

Bigfoot Files
The long awaited buildup for the Sykes DNA Project finally comes to an end as 3 episodes of Bigfoot Files are aired in Britain.

A major letdown occurred when Episode 1 information leaked 4 days prior to the release of the show stating that the Yeti samples were actually from a bear. An ancient bear at that, making the discovery very interesting nonetheless.

Bryan Sykes ‘Bigfoot’ DNA Matches Rare Bear

Bigfoot Files S01 E01

Episode 2 was the one most of us were really waiting for, "American Sasquatch."

Professor Sykes travels to America and talks with some Footers and gives them the results of their DNA samples. Unfortunately, once again the samples did not turn out to be Bigfoot. They were all from known animals.

"Bigfoot Files" Season 1 Episode 2

Episode 3: The Almasty

The 'Almasty' is Russia's very own Bigfoot. It has been written about for over 300 years, and Russia's Almasty hunters claim there have been over 10,000 encounters over the years. Through DNA, Dr. Bryan Sykes finally reveals the true origin of Zana.
Zana's DNA suggests she was 100% Sub Saharan African and was probably brought there as a slave.

Team Tracker Train Wreck

Team Tracker Train Wreck

One of Rick Dyer's team members accidentally shows the back of his soon to be released DVD cover on air and it turns out that it is really a Gorilla hand, not a Bigfoot.
Rick Dyer's New DVD Cover is an Ape Hand!

Rick Dyer's long time Vice President leaves the team and spills the beans.
Rick Dyer's Vice President Spills The Beans On The Hoax!!

Popular post: I really enjoyed writing this with DG. We had been discussing this topic in multiple groups and I feel it is a great write-up.
Bigfoot Breeding Population?

NOVEMBER: Possible Bigfoot Caught On Therm

Brown Flir Olympic Project

On 10/30/13, the following footage was recorded by a FLIR BTS series thermal imaging camera by Jon, Sara and Ben Brown of Grays Harbor, Washington with the help of Derek Randles and The Olympic Project.
Bigfoot Caught On Therm by Olympic Project?! VIDEO

Possible Tricopter Bigfoot Footage at Salt Fork Park

Kill vs No Kill

Would You Kill A Sasquatch For Science?

This is a very controversial topic in the Bigfoot Community but is often brought up in conversations about trying to prove the species. Here is a link to the blogtalk show we did on the topic:Monster X Radio

Popular Post:Why Do Bigfoot Researchers Lie?

As we head into the New Year, I'd like to say thank you everyone for reading my blog and I will continue to bring in the stories as they come. Let's hope for a big year! 

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