Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Matt Moneymaker Still Backs Matilda

As some of you may know, Matt Moneymaker has been a vocal supporter of the Matilda Bigfoot footage. He defended it back in February, and has been rather vocal on twitter defending it as of late. Most people seem to think it is a person in a costume, due in part to the fact it bears a striking resemblance to the character in Star Wars known as Chewbacca.

 Here is the challenge Matt left on Twitter:

Go over and join in on the conversation on Twitter but beware, your tweets may disappear. Matt has been deleting tweets that challenge his views on this, which to me smells fishy. If you are so confident in Matilda you wouldn't need to do that. Mine and several others got deleted. Alls I said, was that I read Lucas modeled Chewy off of his dog. Apparently he didn't want to hear that, since in his world everything is strictly Bigfoot. 
                                                    Visual by Bill Munns
Matilda Chewbacca
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