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Patterson-Gimlin film tribute - Roger & Bob (Rode Out That Day)

Patterson-Gimlin film song

 "Roger and Bob (Rode Out That Day)" performed at the 2007 40th Anniversary Celebration of the film in Willow Creek, CA.

Enjoy the song and the slide show I put together that plays in the background. Some classic photos and clips from the film - AND a LOT of my own photos from Bluff Creek and with the bigfooters I know.

Here's to the best film there is of a bigfoot or sasquatch!

Roger and Bob
(Rode Out That Day)
Words and Music by Tom Yamarone

Roger and Bob rode out that day,
Till that log jam got in their way,
They got lucky on Bluff Creek that day,
They got lucky when she walked away,
Roger and Bob rode out that day.

Roger and Bob were gone a week,
Riding the forests around Bluff Creek,
They shot some film of a Bigfoot there,
She walked on two legs and was covered in hair,
Roger and Bob had quite a week!

Al got a call on the telephone,
Roger and Bob stopped by his home,
They told him 'bout their good luck,
Roger said, "I filmed that son of a buck!"
Al got a call on the telephone.

John and Rene came down to see,
What those guys saw on Bluff Creek,
They made maps of the site, complete,
Made Jim McClarin walk in Patty's feet,
John and Rene came down to see.

Bob Titmus came out to cast,
Those tracks left by Patty, first to last,
They showed movement of a flexible foot,
They weren't pretty but were worth a look,
Bob Titmus came out to cast.

Rene took the film to Russia and the U.K.,
He showed it there to see what they had to say,
The Londoners looked down their nose,
The Russian scientists looked very close,
Rene took the film to Russia and the U.K.

That film got shown on the TV,
Got written up in magazines like Argosy,
It made an impression on our conscious minds,
It made an impression of the lasting kind,
The film got shown on the TV.

Roger and Bob rode out that day,
Their lives changed in every way,
So did ours 'cause we got to see,
A living Bigfoot, walking tall and free,
Roger and Bob went down in history.

Recorded at Madrone Studios, Redwood Estates, CA. April 20 & Mayt 14, 2004
Produced by Gary Worsham and Tom Yamarone Engineer: Gary Worsham
Musicians: Tom Yamarone -- Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Harmonica
Gary Worsham -- Bass
©2004 Tom Yamarone
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