Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TimberGiantBigfoot Releases Footage

TimberGiant has been under scrutiny from the Bigfoot Community over his recent video "The Giant Revealed". He claims to have snuck up on a Sasquatch that was "old and hard of hearing" and captured some of the best footage of Bigfoot to date.

After initially seeing the video many of us thought something fishy was going on since there were so many cuts in the video at key places. Consequently, people have been calling for him to release the un-cut footage for several months now. Recently a guy who goes by Mr. Angus Wangus offered him $10,000.00 to release the footage in it's entirety. Here is Angus' video and the recent video from TGBF. It doesn't appear that TGBF has released the entire version of the original video and his constant pausing is misleading.

This is a still taken from the latest video release by TimberGiant. Looks like a dog in this picture. Thanks to Mitchell Wilson for this.

Timbergiantbigfoot hoax

"If he uploads the original UNEDITED version of "The Giant Revealed," I will give him $10,000. We want to see the whole unedited video of that encounter...sans hoax. But now he has had his laptop in for service, we'll see if the original unedited video got lost...lol. And he claims that his analysis of that vid must wait until he gets the original version back...which is saved on his laptop. This begs the question...why would he not backup the file to an external hard drive, disc, or other storage device for safe keeping? The biggest video of his squatching experience and he doesn't even back up the file?...ya right! If he is not full of shit he will surly upload the entire (30 sec lol) unedited version and take my money...he's an idiot if he doesn't...or, a hoaxer."

Here is a link to The Giant Revealed , Narrated , with The Missing Clips 

And here is the parody Angus speaks of :) 
Here you see what I believe is an attempt by the creature to interact with the stone offering left for it by us .
It wasn't my intent to give advice it just ended up that way. Remember I'm not an expert.
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  1. With the roar of 35w in the back groung..LOL Squatchy..

  2. 44:55 of "The Giant Revealed , Narrated , with The Missing Clips" tells me all I need to know. It's a dude (you can even see part of his face when he sits up) facing the bottom right corner of your screen holding a smaller person, who has his/her left arm around the right (his right) side of the dude's neck. You can see the man's right arm/hand (right under the stripe) lose contact & move up the smaller person's lower back.Also, notice the difference in the "stripe(s). That means the dude was facing our left @ 35:00 & our right @ 45:00.