Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Why Did Matt Moneymaker Refuse To Buy Erickson Footage?

Erickson Project Bigfoot Footage

This is a post by Russ Mock

If Matt Moneymaker is so adamant Matilda is real then why did he refuse to purchase the Erickson Footage?

What I find suspicious is that Wally Hersom is the financial backing behind the BFRO and Melba Ketchum's Sasquatch Genome Project (among many other things Bigfoot as well). And Ketchum's Sasquatch Genome Project was partly funded by Adrian Erickson of The Erickson Project. The Erickson Project then inextricably tied itself to Ketchum's Sasquatch Genome Project by combining their efforts and holding a press conference together. Ketchum even attempted to utilize Erickson's pictures and video from in the initial submissions of her attempted pier review paper/study of The Sasquatch Genome Project. Matt Moneymaker, director of the BFRO has publicly endorsed The Erickson Project's Matilda footage and documentary Sasquatch the Quest, as being real footage of an actual living Bigfoot. Afterwards Erickson offered to sell Moneymaker the footage for $1,000,000. Moneymaker turned this offer down.

My take on this is Moneymaker only came out in defense of The Erickson Project because of the ties with the BFRO's and Ketchum's Sasquatch Genome Project's funder Wally Hersom.

Why did Moneymaker not purchase or have Animal Planet or Wally Hersom purchase Erickson's footage? Surely someone like Matt, who has a prominent cable television show like Finding Bigfoot, could easily make a boat load of money releasing Erickson's video (perhaps in a special) on his show if it is in fact footage of a real Bigfoot that is compelling and/or definitive. I mean, this would be Earth shattering content that would change the world as we know it and have everyone tuning in. Ratings could potentially be bigger than the Super Bowl. For that matter, why wouldn't Adrian Erickson keep it and do so himself? Make back some of that $5,000,000+ he spent so far on his project? He obviously doesn't have the television connections that Moneymaker does, but he'd be sure to, at least, make his money back with footage of this purported caliber, correct? Why would he be so eager to unload such compelling and/or definitive footage? Because that footage is most likely inconclusive if not fake and Moneymaker only endorsed it due to the link in financial backing being one Wally Hersom.

After the joint Sasquatch Genome Project/Erickson Project press release, Adrian Erickson stated that he did not want to release his documentary, Sasquatch the Quest, at this time due to the negative media exposure surrounding the press conference/Sasquatch Genome Project's findings and because of the mockery of the Bigfoot field that shows like Finding Bigfoot portrays.

If his documentary could stand on its own merits and content then it shouldn't matter when it was released or what the atmosphere currently is like in the Bigfoot community and mainstream media. If it's compelling and/or definitive then it would speak for itself. Now why would Erickson publicly make statements that degrade the Finding Bigfoot television show and the BFRO by extension when the director of the BFRO and star of a Finding Bigfoot, Matt Moneymaker, endorsed his footage as real? Perhaps because Moneymaker and/or their financial backer and/or Ketchum's financial backer, Wally Hersom, would not purchase Erickson's video content, relieving him of his financial woes?

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