Thursday, December 05, 2013

Would You Kill A Sasquatch For Science? POLL RESULTS


Would You Kill A Sasquatch For Science? Poll

Would You Kill A Sasquatch For Science? POLL RESULTS

  29 (28%)
  60 (59%)
  12 (11%)

Vote on this poll: 101

Kill or No Kill? How do you feel on the subject? Could you pull the trigger?

We are going to do a show on this topic on Monster X Radio. So if you'd like to be a guest for the show just let us know. We'd like to have a few people from each side as guests or callers.

The show aired on 12/15/13 at 7PM EST  Monster X Radio

Listen to some of the old school Squatchers discuss the topic:

From the archives: Rene Dahinden, Robert Morgan, and John Green talk about killing a Sasquatch.

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  1. There are only two reasons to kill anything. Self defence or to eat

  2. Good people are working hard to prove they exist and the first thing others want to do is kill one. You wont become a hero, you'll eventually realise you are a murderer. Try living with that on your conscience. A father, a mother, a son, a daughter - grow up. Respect nature, live with it, please dont wipe it out.

  3. Why would anyone have to kill another Sasquatch? Rick Dyer already did this dirty deed! and will soon show the world! Maybe if you apologize to Rick, and ask him real nice ( as in kiss his ass! ) he may be persuaded to do your show.

  4. Melba Ketchum's paper never paned out. The Olympic Project got no where. The Ericson project video is fake, the close up face shot is a modified Chewbacca mask. You can see the teeth bend when the mouth moves. Last but not least, Finding Bigfoot is finding nothing but ratings. I am sick of it all.
    In general, sasquatch researchers talk about how every one else's research findings are hoaxed or manufactured and their stuff is real.
    Enough is enough.
    I have a 50 cal. a thermal imaging scope and next summer, in my primary research area, when I have the shot. I'm gonna take it. It may
    take years but when I have the shot, mistery solved.

  5. Robert Morgan...LMAO

    1. We all know that the only way to prove Sasquatch exists is to get a specimen, but when someone announces they are going to try and kill one they are met with laughing and rude comments. I agree with Aaron's comments, enough is enough. Good luck Aaron.

  6. Go ahead...Laugh. I may be successful, then again I may not be successful, or perhaps I may get myself killed. Who knows. Point being, Starting next spring I am switching from being a Sasquatch researcher to a Sasquatch hunter. If I can, I will bring in either a body or perhaps just the head, hands and feet, depending on the situation at that time. But like I said, if I get the shot, I'm going to take it.
    I have been researching Sasquatch for 25 years and was never pro kill, but with all the crap going on within the Sasquatch research world, now I am. If Monster X Radio would like to have me as a guest on the show on this topic I would accept their invitation. I can be reached at the following email address,

  7. Why not shoot to tranquilize it Aaron ? I think that after 25yrs searching for the creature, you'll be pretty devastated with your actions after a very short period to think about it. I hope you reconsider and retain your searcher perspective - not killer.