Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Why are you here?

Bigfoot Community

Is it because you saw a Bigfoot with your own eyes and you want to meet up with like-minded people and find out more on the subject? Is it out of curiosity of one of America's most fascinating mysteries.

I'm sure there are many reasons why people end up in the Bigfoot Community, but once you're inside a whole new world opens up. A world of hoaxes, lies, con-artists, nut-jobs, and at the same time some very good, honest folks. It can be a challenging task wading through all the stuff being presented.

The thing is, regardless of what you think Bigfoot is, overall society sees it as a myth. It is not recognized as a living, breathing species by the scientific world. I myself have never seen one so I remain skeptical on their existence. I have studied countless maps, and gobble up everything Bigfoot I can, and it just doesn't add up. An article I co-wrote entitled Bigfoot Breeding Population? really makes one think as well.

For those that have seen a Bigfoot, I cannot tell you what you have seen. But if you're trying to convince me we have 8-foot ape-men running around in 49 states I'm gonna need actual tangible evidence. Stories are great but they are just that, stories. Sure they could lead to something greater and should be considered in the scheme of things but don't try and say that because you know the person telling the story we are all idiots for not believing. Humans have imaginations, humans lie, eyewitness accounts are not always reliable. The majority of cases are hoaxes & misidentifications; it is that small percentile of compelling accounts that keeps the dream alive for me. Bigfoot has also become a business, with the lure of being on TV and movies, it only motivates more people to lie and hoax.

This community seems to bring out the worst in people and in many cases it seems more like a religion than an interest or hobby. Arguing belief is pointless and usually a dead end street.

I'm not here to kiss anyone's ass or align with what some may call the "cool kids." I came here out of an interest of Bigfoot. Something that has fascinated me most of my life. I refuse to let the community spoil that for me. I have met some really great folks here and for that I am glad I entered the crazy place, known as the Bigfoot Community.
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