Thursday, February 20, 2014

FB/FB Releases Photos of Bigfoot Dummy

 FB/FB Facebook Find Bigfoot

Well, well, well, look who's back! Facebook Find Blobsquatch. They had previously closed up shop since there wasn't 3 minutes of clear high-def footage of a real Bigfoot in the movie Shooting Bigfoot like they had anticipated. They have now issued a statement on their facebook page expressing conflicts with Rick Dyer, but that they are still backing his claims!! Robert Lindsay had also said he was 100% sure they were Rick's investors; which they deny. They have more books coming out and they say that Hank fits the bill for what they think a Sasquatch should look like.

Good grief; the hoax promoters are back. Here are pics they took while in San Antonio Texas.

Bigfoot Hank Mouth

Read their full statement here: Fb/Fb
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1 comment:

  1. Man,this is unbelievable that anyone would be associated with this conning,flunky,busted and confirmed hoaxer! I had once thought these two guys at FB/FB were at least respectable,fellow enthusiasts that were sharing videos,and attempting to either show either way their thoughts on the videos of Bigfoot. Now.,I have to say I'm not so sure. As we all know too well,in the Bigfoot world,the truth of the situation will come out,eventually,lol. Johnny,I am certain you feel the same way as I do,just by reading a good bit of your posts,etc,and also as many others feel that's involved in this seriously;hoaxing is a damned serious,and extremely negative aspect,and it should NEVER be forgiven,and absolutely never forgotten. Even if dyer actually did have a body(witch,with what I know,have been told,and have seen and learned of the many rotten and idiotic story's and different versions,along with all the other nonsense,LOL,,I'm conclusively thinking as he DOES NOT)I wouldn't pay 1 red cent to see it,be involved,or have anything else to do with this con artist,for the simple FACTS involving his known,and very long list,of hoaxing,scamming,and conning folks where ever they have the foul,unfortunate luck of running into him at. Together,we need to do whatever we can,in our down time,to show these liars,and hoaxing addicts that this will not be tolerated,and if someone is hoaxing,they will be eventfully exposed,busted,and never forgiven for their acts.
    Thanks for sharing this man,I feel it's important that we don't give the undesirable section of our world any more attention than nessecary,but they need to be made known to others involved in this,so they will not become another victim of lies,and fraud.