Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Rick Dyer's First Stop On The Dummy Tour: Houston

Houston News On Rick Dyer Bigfoot

I often wonder if newscasters like or dislike doing stories on Bigfoot. They always seem to have a smirk on their faces as to let you know that they think the subject is ludicrous.

"Hank" will be shown at the Drafthouse cinema in Houston, Texas Feb. 24/25.

The video up-loader writes:

"Rick Dyer the notorious "Bigfoot Tracker" who claims to have shot and killed the elusive animal is taking it on the road. The pictures he released of the supposed bigfoot are obviously a cheap suit and now he plans to take it and show it for 25$ a ticket. This is not the first time he has hoaxed a bigfoot story. The footage in this video of the Bigfoot taken from the inside of a tent was faked by dyer a couple of years ago. Mr Dyer also claims to have had the suit tested for DNA but claims the results will be kept secret till the university decides to release it. I have asked MR Dyer a number of times Via his YouTube Account With No answer to the messages and all of my question Comments and Channel comments were deleted. He also claims to had the creature for more than a year which adds truth to the Hoax Theory. Mr Dyer obviously cannot come up with any other way to make money besides lies and forgeries."

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