Thursday, February 06, 2014

Texas Parks & Wildlife Speak Out About Rick Dyer Shooting A Bigfoot

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Texas Parks & Wildlife Speak About Bigfoot

As Rick Dyer prepares to kick off his Bigfoot tour in Texas, the news of his preposterous claims have now reached the ears of the Texas Parks & Wildlife. Shane Carter, who works for the Department, wrote this message on Rick's fan page. I looked him up and he really does work for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

Texas Park & Wildlife

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  1. Pretty bad spelling and english usage for someone who supposedly went to college.. park rangers do..this comment is suspect.

    1. I hear ya but I was on his facebook page and did a search and it is him. maybe his position doesn't require college?

  2. Rick Dyer is full of chit and full of himself, all he wants is fame and fortune. He is a scammer and a circus side show. He makes me sick. I bet if he saw a real Squatch he would run screaming like the wussy he is.