Thursday, March 27, 2014

Haters Bust Rick Dyer's Hoax...Again

This is a screenshot taken from the movie "Shooting Bigfoot", which appears to show a man in a suit adjusting his mask. In the film when you see the creature walking away from Rick Dyer it looks slight, even for a guy in a costume. Could it be one of Rick's buddies? A hired homeless hand? Or perhaps Morgan Mathews is involved in it all and set it up. Regardless, it's pretty safe to say it's not a real Bigfoot.

Shooting Bigfoot hoax picture

Apparently the rest of Team Tracker left Rick so he's now looking for some new lackeys to idolize him and not get paid. Joining the team comes with a warning: You will be thrown under the bus at Rick's discretion. No one gets out unscathed.

For more on the hoaxathon visit Racer X's blog
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  1. Yes, its hard to see and quick, but that's what is happening, hand on mask to adjust, so eyes can see out eyelets. Rick is in damage control right now on many fronts, but its finally crumbling..

  2. With it's hand up to it's face it is flipping the camera off..

  3. What everyone neeeds to do is call the FBI on this clown. Petitions are fine, but getting the Justice Department to act on them is not.The Vegas FBI is listed on the Internet. Call and complain. I did and have talked to the FBI headquarters in DC about him several times and also gave him recorded evidence. Why they have not arrested him yet is a mystery.

  4. My god, i can't believe there were people saying "I loved the film. I've always believed in you , blah blah blah" o.O Did they not see the dodgy acting by the director/cameraman and the cheap monkey suit briefly came into frame? lol WTF? Who could be taken it by that pile of crap?

  5. Yes, it could be a dude in a suit adjusting his mask. But there's nothing conclusive here. I wish there was. The face we see up-close looks compelling to me. Surprisingly so. I do not see any holes around the eyes for example. All of which means it is still ambiguous. And that's why Morgan Mathews lack of clarity is so damn frustrating. Dyer is a POS for sure. But Mathews could be the whole question to rest with one clear sentence.