Friday, March 14, 2014

Monsters & Mysteries In America: Season 2 Finale

The Season 2 Finale of  Monsters and Mysteries in America airs Friday, March 14 at 10/9c on Destination America.

Monsters & Mysteries in America

In the season finale:  

UFO Bigfoot (Presque Isle, PA) - The summer of 1966 brought reports of a mysterious creature to Presque Isle. During an outing to the shore, witnesses claim to have encountered a hostile bigfoot with extraterrestrial origins. In a time when the space race captivated the public's attention, this close encounter prompted an intense federal investigation of the hulking hairy beast from space.

Lake Pepin Monster (Minnesota) - Lake Pepin, the widest natural section of the Mississippi River, houses a mega monster known to emerge unexpectedly from its depths. Recently, scuba diver Cory Breault joined a research expedition on The Hunt to prove its existence. For the first time ever, Breault shares his story and the dramatic footage of their trip documents the his brush with the beast.

Cajun Werewolf (Louisiana) - The bayou has long been filled with tales of Supernatural creatures. Thirteen-year-old Beldron Forest had his own harrowing experience with a shape-shifting werewolf, when he ignored his mother's warning about hunting on sacred days. This beast was delivering a warning issued by the swamp.
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