Monday, March 31, 2014

Rick Dyer in Hiding

Rick Dyer moving truck

Well it looks like the day has finally come where we can put this hoax to rest. Many of us knew it was a hoax since day one but Dyer would find a way to keep it alive for small groups of people. It really died many times before but it appears Rick has nine lives.

Being what many consider to be a sociopath, combined with his apparent likability and sales tactics he was able to prey on people's belief, despite the overwhelming evidence against his claims. Remember, this isn't his first rodeo (he hoaxed in 2008) yet many fell for the same ole trick.

As some of you may already know Rick's ex-partner Andrew Clacy has recently gone public admitting the body was a prop made in Washington. Dyer had already thrown him under the bus after he found messages about himself on a computer that Clacy had been signing in on while here in America. Clacy seems to be the one putting the final nail in the coffin as he is contacting media outlets and telling all, while also agreeing to assist the authorities on any information they may need to press fraud charges against Rick. Rick had recently made some rash statements on his facebook page talking about how much money they all took in and also confessing that the body was indeed fake. Here is a copy of that: Rick Dyer Comes Clean About Bigfoot Dummy. There is also a petition going around to try and get the US Department of Justice involved. Here is a link to that: Petition To Charge Rick Dyer With Fraud. It appears Rick has taken down his facebook page and website as he tucks tail and runs for cover.

All in all Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer bit off more than he could chew. The Bigfoot Community is a passionate bunch and many were wronged by Tricky Dick. Now that Andrew has gone public exposing Rick I think the shit-show can finally end. But if I know Dyer like I think I do, this might not be the end of him. Even though it is fully known that Hank is a fake, he still claims to have killed a Bigfoot in September of 2012 while filming Shooting Bigfoot with Morgan Mathews. And if you know the Bigfoot Community like I do, the need to believe for some outweighs logic and rational thought. Shooting Bigfoot recently aired on BBC and the "Haters" were quick to analyze and pick it apart. After the Bigfoot allegedly attacks Morgan it pauses to fix it's mask so that it can see better. Here is a link to that: Haters Bust Rick Dyer's Hoax...Again  
If anyone still believes Rick killed a real Bigfoot now I don't know what to tell them.

So in all reality Rick doesn't have a leg to stand on anymore and hopefully we can move on to some actual Bigfoot research...

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  1. How can nobody else comment on this article?
    I'll comment. Rick Dyer you are a pile of dirt and a parasite. Preying on the stupid. Taking $20.00 from teenagers in High School to see a latex Gorilla covered in camel hair and then hide the feet and hands with black felt because they looked worse than a custom at Walmart. This guy is going to end up in court and he should. What a scammer.