Thursday, March 27, 2014

Survivorman Bigfoot - More Video Clips

Todd Standing Bigfoot Footage

Todd Standing Bigfoot video clips as seen in second Survivorman Bigfoot show with Les Stroud. These are from Todd's personal videos.

In this clip the "Bigfoot" seems to walk up the hill somewhat cautiously; I would expect faster movements from a creature that is a master of it's environment and trying to avoid a human. You always hear about their lightning fast speed and how they do things normal humans just can't do. Well these actions definitely fall within the human limits.

And then there's the one with it's back to him; surely the creature would detect Todd before he detects it. Having your back to something isn't the best defensive position.

Is this clip Todd appears to be being stalked by a Sasquatch, so he freaks out and yells like a madman in order to attempt to drive away this elusive beast. Unfortunately he is unable to capture video footage but  he is able to get some audio recorded.

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  1. 1 clip... Well, Todd the clip with Sasquatch was taking a great stride sideways.I believe, it`s a trail.he has taken many times..maybe to avoid another Sasquatch..and this area very precarious,, looks like he stop suddenly stepping sideways not easy to do unless you (meaning man) hopping.nothing to him..he show no fear.. the rocky side seen to be grey shale in layers, have been loosen by weather erosion, the pressure of your feet or his it could loosen and crumble and start a small sliding gravel avalanche possibly taking him over edge... .so I don`t believe he`s was human in a suit,he was tall..and he didn't reach for limbs to hold on to. ..yes, checking you out to see if you pose any danger to him or his hidden family...and you weren't So conrg`s... Jen Please be careful who you tell the area to...Ok!

  2. On the second clip you should never cuss like that....this maybe the last words your family would hear............