Saturday, April 19, 2014

Alaska Locals Report "Hairy Man" Sightings

Bethel Alaska Bigfoot Sighting

This is a pretty cool story. A guy and his nephew are out doing some net fishing in Alaska and they end up having a pretty intense Bigfoot sighting.

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BETHEL -Alaska
In recent weeks, a Southwest Alaska legend has shown legs -- or at least feet, if you believe those who say they've seen the Hairy Man.

Also known as Urayuli and depicted as a hermit with large feet, the story of the Hairy Man is similar to that of the Sasquatch. With the Delta Discovery newspaper's recent series of published Hairy Man stories from area residents, though, the long-told tale has become a bit more hair-raising.

Dana Kopanuk and his nephew were setnetting for whitefish on the Tarperrnaq River on a fall afternoon in 2011 when he said he saw the Hairy Man.

Kopanuk tells the story at his kitchen table in Bethel. He illustrates it with a pencil drawing he made of the area where they saw the Hairy Man.

The two were approaching their net when they saw someone walking through the willows on the bank. Kopanuk says the willows and brush would have been taller than he was, but this creature that looked like a man could easily see over the top of foilage. Kopanuk first registered it as a person -- until he saw that this creature was larger, hairier, and not wearing clothes.

Kopanuk said this creature didn't act like a person.
"If he were from camp, he would wait for us," Kopanuk said.

The two fishermen watched the creature for about 10 minutes until they moved along the river and the creature moved out of sight. While watching, it was difficult to comprehend what they saw, but Kopanuk said when they discussed it later, they decided it must have been Hairy Man.

Kopanuk's story is one of many that has been published in the Delta Discovery for more than a year. What's different about Kopanuk's story is that he let the paper publish his name. Many witnesses leave their name off their account, not wanting to be tied to these strange encounters.

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