Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bad Sasquatch - Song

Bad Sasquatch Song

Watch this guy sing about Sasquatch while playing his ukulele. He's pretty good!

In the old growth forest of the northwest coast
Lives a shy hominid unseen by most
He's got real big feet, as big as your thigh
But he's a bit of a jerk, and here's the reason why

Bad Sasquatch, you're bringing me down
You never show your face when people are 'round
We gotta know if you really exist
We gotta get you on the endangered species list

Bad Sasquatch, you're harshin' the vibe
We only want to know if you are alive
You're so elusive hiding out in the woods
Plus you're missing out on these consumer goods

Mr Bigfoot, take my advice
Walk into town and just make nice
You'll be a big hit, you'll be a big star
You'll be riding 'round in limos with your own mini bar

You'll be dining at the Ritz and wearing fancy suits
No more sleeping in trees and eating berries and roots
I know you're big, but you could be huge
Just lose the attitude and all the subterfuge

Bad Sasquatch, you don't keep in touch
You're our long lost cousin and we love you much
Your habitat is shrinking, now ain't it a shame
Get out of the woods, seek your fortune and fame

Bad Sasquatch, yeah you're bringing me down
Bad Sasquatch, you never show your face when people are around
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