Thursday, April 17, 2014

BFRO Expeditions in 2014 Open to New Participants

BFRO Expeditions 2014

Well folks, it looks like the day is finally here where the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) is opening it's doors to the public for it's expeditions. In the past you had to be a member, gone on previous expeditions, or get a personal invite to go on one of their expeditions.

Here is some information:
Note 1: All of the expeditions last four days. Most run from Thursday to Sunday -- arrive Thursday, return home Sunday.

Note 2:
Typically there is only one expedition in a given state, per year, with the exception of large Pacific territories such as California and British Columbia.

Note 3:
Most of the participants of BFRO expeditions are prior attendees (members and non-members) who have attended every BFRO trip in their state/province for several years. They tend to sign up quickly, which leaves fewer slots open for new people. Hence, if you're new to these expeditions, but you want to make sure you get on a certain expedition in 2014, then sign up early. If you sign up for an expedition but you cannot attend in the end, your fee becomes a credit for a future trip, or a different one already announced. Your choice. Your fee cannot be refunded if you cannot attend, but your credit will never expire.
For more information about the expeditions or to register for one, visit their site here: BFRO Expeditions
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  1. Be advised that BFRO Expedition leaders are empowered to ban any participant from ever attending another expedition. (That's a life sentence.) Each leader is different. If you get a leader who is extremely sensitive, and you say or do anything the leader chooses to be offended by, or the leader considers you to be any kind of problem, you might get banned from EVER attending another expedition, even if it is to be led by someone else. If that happens to you, you probably won't know about the ban until AFTER you apply to go on another expedition. Now you are aware of this policy. Actually, BFRO expeditions are a very good thing, but, if you find that folks "take you the wrong way" sometimes and you have a very sensitive leader, you could get banned forever thereafter, just for saying the wrong thing or doing anything the leader views as being a problem. BFRO expeditions are really an enjoyable and valuable learning experience. BUT BEWARE! I just wanted you to know about this policy, because BFRO won't tell you about it until it is too late and you will get no warning. I have told you the clear truth about the policy. If you treat the leader and other BFRO members like gods, you won't have to worry about it. BFRO needs to abolish this policy, or at least have a list of defined OBJECTIVE reasons a participant can be banned in the future instead of leaving it up to the subjective opinions and perhaps biased or faulty judgement of their expedition leaders! Expedition applicants should be informed of this policy before they agree to attend, right on the application. Again, the expeditions are really a good thing. This post is intended to help BFRO by being constructive, truthful and objective.. I'm not criticizing BFRO, as such. I just think they need to either eliminate this policy or, at least, restructure it so it will be objective, not subjective.