Friday, April 04, 2014

Did Dr. Meldrum Make A Deal With The Devil?

Making a deal with the devil

If you've been keeping up on the Bigfoot news lately then you have heard that Jeff Meldrum has recently teamed up with Todd Standing. They are going to appear with Les Stroud on some episodes of Surviorman in the future and they are co-hosting a radio show together. Which leaves many in the Bigfoot community thinking, why would Dr. Meldrum team up with this guy? Todd is known for his muppet looking Bigfoot videos and has been dissed by even Finding Bigfoot.

A friend of mine said "Todd is the only man in Sasquatch history to have over 100 full face, close up shots of multiple Sasquatch with multiple colors of fur/fuzz and skin color. Either the Sasquatch in Calgary are not as smart as the Sasquatches everywhere else, or Todd is the first man in history to prove stealthier than the Sasquatch."  Besides looking completely fake how could you have that kind of diversity in such a small area with what one would assume is a small gene pool to begin with?

Personally I feel that Todd's claims just seem pompous and over the top. I just don't buy that one man alone can pinpoint Bigfoot's activities and patterns in mountainous areas like Todd claims to. So to many, he is just another hoaxer. A well calculated one at that. I've heard his sister also helps run his video production company and is a make-up artist; which may account for some of Todd's work. Anyhow, if you do an internet search of Todd you can find out a lot of his history and what people think of him. 

Now back to Jeff. I can understand if he wants to make some money by being on a TV show and investigate Todd's spots to see if there is any validity to his claims but to do a radio show with the guy and to call him "genuine" on his Facebook page; seems a bit much to me. I recently listened to their first show they did together (Bigfoot North Radio Show with Todd Standing & Jeff Meldrum), and from what Todd says there will be a feature film coming out with Jeff in it, and if it is successful, he will be able to pay Jeff and Les to Squatch full-time with him! Could that be the lure that is setting the hook with Jeff? I mean who wouldn't want to get paid to play in the woods everyday and chase their dream. 

Like it or not, Todd is what's hot right now. He has played his cards well by teaming up with Survivorman and now Jeff Meldrum. Jeff couldn't possible think those muppets are actual Sasquatch, could he? Is he willing to overlook that because he thinks even though this guy is a hoaxer he might be able to bring home the goods? 

Jeff is a very articulate guy and chooses his words wisely. So far he has handled this whole situation pretty well. It will be interesting to see where this whole thing leads. I feel like it's just a bigger carrot being dangled in front of the community, but who knows....Only time will tell....

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  1. It is hard for me to believe that Dr. Jeff would do anything that was not kosher. DD

  2. Fraud Standing is the nail in bigfoot's coffin.
    It's fake, it doesn't exist.
    Patterson, Gimlin, Dahinden, Marx, Byrne, et. al., were all full of sh*t.
    Todd the Fraud and Rick Dyer are just turds circling the bowl.
    And fools like Meldrum and Stroud are getting covered in it.

  3. Rick Dyer is a turd, no doubt, but i'm not certain about Todd Standing. I willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm with "Anonymous" in thinking that Dr. Meldrum wouldn't jump on so quickly just for the money. Both of these guys have been dogged in their pursuit for the evidence. They maybe seeing things, but i believe they are committed to the cause.

  4. A few things bother me about all this, one is that as stated, Standing has found Sasquatch that are tame to him or mentally challenged. Two, Meldrum stated Standings findings are real. Ok, what makes Meldrum a Sasquatch pro? What makes anyone a pro about something never captured or physically studied and documented. Third, Why is Standings images only of the face or head? If he has the Sasquatches trust then were are the full body ''clear full body shots''? Fourth, I truly believe Meldrum is playing the money game, hoping to get his name in science news for being in the spotlight, even if no subject is proven.

    1. I agree with your numbers 2 and 3