Sunday, April 06, 2014

Rick Dyer Set To Release Documentary

Rick Dyer Documentary After The Shot

Well, just when we thought Rick Dyer was fading out of the spotlight he finds a way to step back in. Apparently he will be releasing "After The Shot" on April 15th and will be selling memberships to his private club again.

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  1. Sweet Finally the truth. I knew back in my mind Rick was the best Bigfoot tracker In The world. I just Knew It. All you haters are going to pay for what you have said, Rick Dyer only speaks the truth. He's done lying now. I am a true believer/follower. Don't you wish Ricks old man had a Rain coat on.

  2. After the "shot", Rick used Musky's sock to wipe the jizz that dripped out of the corner of his mouth.

  3. Rick Dyer is mentally ill.
    He needs help, medication and therapy.
    His ham handed and semi literate presentations speak to his pathetic need for attention.
    Perhaps he will find mental peace in a State psychiatric ward.