Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sasquatch Ontario Update

Sasquatch Ontario Video

People have recently been asking me, what has Sasquatch Ontario been up to? Well this should answer their question. Pretty much more of the same ridiculously crazy Sasquatch interactions! This guy is truly amazing. He just steps out of the car and within 5 minutes he strikes Sasquatch gold. Mike claims to interact with Sasquatch like no other human has, yet he can't seem to bring forth any real evidence. Hmmmm. In this video he is given a hand woven gift by a Sasquatch - and it even has a marble in it!  Mike was asked once, "where do the Bigfoots get the marbles at?" To which he replied, "anywhere they want."

And here is a classic parody:

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  1. Mike uses his term "multi-dimensional" in place of what most people say "interdimensional". Interdimensional = paranormal = capable of standing right next to you while invisible and remain undetected by you. Photographs cannot be taken of something that is fully invisible. You should write that down for future reference when failing to comprehend why Mike does not have any good photographs of something that is fully invisible.

  2. Exactly. They have cloaking abilities, which I've seen evidence of in Compelling video screen shots on a certain Facebook page. The theory is that they can vibrate at a different frequency than everything else visible to us on the planet. But when in cloaking mode, they still show up slightly on video and photos, because cameras don't work exactly like the human eye. The only things we can see in this world are things that vibrate within a certain frequency. There are many beings out there that we can't see but are very much real. They vibrate on another frequency. Such as ghosts. And for the record, I think Mikes audios and photos is more than enough evidence. What more do you want? If anyone is going to get the holy grail of photos or video its going to be Mike and his friend or the cottage owners. But as he said, he's not the only one having this kind of close interaction with sasquatches. There are others having the same success but they don't go public with it. At least not on YouTube.

    1. I guess maybe I should've said tangible evidence. He should be able to get some DNA or something you would think.

    2. He has collected hairs yes, but so have many people. DNA results always give out the same reading (as long as the hairs haven't been touched by her human hand) and that is - result: Unknown primate. Since there is no DNA sequence for a Sasquatch in the database, there's nothing DNA testing can do but tell is that its an unknown creature with similarities to apes. Science needs a body or skeleton. Nothing else will do.

  3. Heard about SGP (Sasquatch Genome Project) ? They have studied sasquatch DNA for 5 years and come to conclusion that they are human hybrids, named as Homo Sapiens Cognatus