Saturday, April 26, 2014

Witness Interview From Snelgrove Lake Incident

Snelgrove Lake Bigfoot Monsterquest

One of the eyewitnesses of the Snelgrove Lake incident gives his testimony on what happened that night in Ontario, Canada.

It all started after he stepped outside to go to the bathroom at night and got a rock thrown at him. Then when he went back inside, rocks and wood were again thrown at the cabin causing him to panic and not be able to sleep that night.

The sheer isolation of this place led the group to think that these strange things that happened were done by a Sasquatch. Dr. Jeff Meldrum was one of the people that were present during this event.

Clips from the History Channel's MonsterQuest episode are featured in this video.

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  1. It was Musky Allen trying to get someone to Milk his Stink Gland.

  2. enjoyed watching this again!

  3. The entire incident has been thrown into the dung heap since Dr. Jeff Meldrum has thrown his lot in with Fraud Standing.

    I didn't believe the screwnails in the board bit, except that some poor bear probably died a horrible death from tetanus thanks to these "researchers".

    The episde is just a bunch of city boys seeing monsters under the bed.

  4. I watched the "Definitive Guide" and these brave researchers were peeing off the deck of the cabin.
    Jeff Meldrum says it.
    Too scared and stupid to walk in the dark away from the cabin to piss.
    Nothing like a snoot full of piss stank with your morning coffee and pancakes.

  5. Oh I forgot.
    The Definitive Guide video features a really hot female researcher with purple hair and a sexy English accent. There's a lot of shots that include her tits, so I nominate that camera man or woman to hunt bigfoot, the rest of the shots are of a bunch of guys talking heads.
    She's wearing long sleeves and a turtle neck, so you know she's into tattoos.