Monday, May 19, 2014

Watch: Bigfoot Digging In The Dirt?!


A lady by the name of Pearl Prihoda recently sent this video of an alleged Bigfoot to Thomas Marcum of The Crypto Crew.

It looks like a Bigfoot digging in the dirt, perhaps looking for food. I do not know where this video was taken but Thomas thinks it may have been in Oregon or Washington. Could this be a real Bigfoot??

UPDATE: Bigfoot Digging In Dirt Mystery Solved

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  1. They often dig at the base of trees, especially in the springtime. We've found this consistently in Arizona's high country. In fact, a fellow researcher recently interrupted one doing it.

  2. Most likely grubs, which are very high in protein. Bears love them. they'll tear a log to shreds looking for grubs and any other little edibles.

  3. its a suit ,,again ,,i see it pull at the back when he ,a man , put his arm out ,,