Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bigfoot Researchers of Hudson Valley Find 14" Track

Bigfoot Track New York

Gayle Beatty of the Bigfoot Researchers of Hudson Valley is out Squatching at a new location in New York with her friend Sue Ann. Sue is carrying a firearm which is a good idea if you are out in bear or cougar territory. Mace and an air horn are also good choices to bring with you when you go out looking for Bigfoot because you never know when you might come across some predators in the wild.

In this video Gayle finds a possible Bigfoot track. I like how Gayle shows us the area around the track. Too many people will just take one picture of a track and not show you anything else.

Gayle had this to say about the area " I talked to the farmer and his wife last night, and they explained some strange happenings on the farm over the years. This track is an important find, confirming the existence of the Sasquatch and a possible habitation site."
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