Monday, May 05, 2014

Dan Shirley Out Researching Sasquatch In Washington

Dan Shirley Washintgon Sasquatch Research

Vietnam Vet Dan Shirley, who appeared in Bigfoot Files, gives us an update on his Bigfoot research. He has been finding what he thinks are X markers made by Bigfoot and comes to some interesting conclusions based on their locations. Dan thinks that these markers are not natural and had to have been put there. He also thinks these X markers are classic signs of a Sasquatch and are a "very rare find." Dan researches Sasquatch in Washington state.

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    We recently viewed Dan Shirley and Derek Randles on the Bigfoot Files, a documentary program that seemed to be on the side of "scientific" discreditors of Bigfoot Reality and their UFO connection(s).

    As someone who has been under $urveillance by the $CIA$KGB$ $FBI$FSB$ $NSA$NKVD$ in the past 40 years, and who has had contacts with the greatly concealed and covered up contact people such as

    UFO Prophet Ted Owens


    Zoologist Ivan Sanderson

    I can assure any reading this that the large creatures are real IF OTHER DIMENSIONAL PHENOMENA are taken into account, that is, the ability of Beings to traverse time-space into that of Earth time-space.

    We were involved in the 1972 Mo Mo visitation and yes, this involved UFO lights at night.

    Certainly a Human Military is actively interested in avoiding the subject of UFO and Bigfoot abilities to come and go at will from ANY area of their choosing.

    Our sympathy goes out to Dan Shirley, Garland Fields, Derek Randles and any others whom Human Science will do their utmost to totally and thoroughly discredit.

    BIGFOOT AND UFO's are Real.

    Never Trust News...
    Never Trust News...
    Never Trust News...

    News are the Guilty Ones.