Sunday, May 18, 2014

E.C.B.R.O. Bigfoot Newscast with Paul Hayes


Listen in as the E.C.B.R.O. (East Coast Bigfoot Researchers Organization) welcomes Paul Hayes to the show. Paul is one of the co-founders of the Genoskwa Project and an avid Bigfoot researcher. He talks about the upcoming Genoskwa Fest and discusses the team's latest Bigfoot sighting. This was a pretty awesome Bigfoot sighting that was witnessed by several people last summer. Paul also goes into detail about his own Bigfoot encounter that he had with his son close to home. Paul's sighting is now in the BFRO database and you can read the whole thing here. The second hour of the show focuses on the E.C.B.R.O's recent Bigfoot expedition in West Virginia.

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  1. This i find interesting,,be looking in on this one from time to time ,,