Thursday, May 29, 2014

Is it time to call BS in the Bigfoot Community?

Cloaking Bigfoot Stump

Is it time to call BS in the Bigfoot Community?? Well, many folks appear to think so.

Recently there have been some people claiming obvious stumps or rocks are Bigfoot and acting very rude and condescending to anyone that challenges their claims, which is causing quite the stir in the Bigfoot world. Enough to cause a rise in new Facebook Bigfoot groups and an uproar amongst the scientific minds of the community. There have even been threats of lawsuits for people sharing photos (of stumps) and for just calling BS on fanciful claims.

It seems lines are starting to be drawn between the more paranormal Bigfooters and the scientific researchers. Bigfooting on Facebook has gotten real ugly lately and I'm not really sure where it's headed.

Many Bigfoot researchers & enthusiasts think this field is looked down upon enough by the mainstream and don't want to lose anymore credibility then they already have by entertaining some of these ridiculous claims. While the more paranormal type is saying that science isn't the answer and that very little results have been obtained because these creatures have supernatural abilities such as cloaking.

So all this leads one to wonder, where are we headed as a community? Will the nasty infighting continue or can some sort of consensus be reached amongst the differing factions?

In this video one upset person expresses his feelings towards the current wave of happenings in the Bigfoot community.

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  1. Don't quit! A true expert never does. Like the giant squid, no one ever believed it until one scientist made the proof showing it does exist. One person will eventually prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

  2. Your lack of understanding of punctuation and spelling is making me think this is a hoax.

  3. Well,that's too bad,especially since I sent a pic and it will probably end up being sticks,leaves or a stump lol Sorry to hear people do it on purpose,but is that anything new?Some of us send pics in really thinking that's what it is-it doesn't make us nutcases or hoaxers,it just means we were wrong.I for one would want to know if I've made a mistake so I don't keep lookin the fool. Its people like the guy in above video that causes people not to send pics in and if everyone stopped sending their videos and pic in, Bigfoot blogs would'nt have much to talk about. Just think,that one person that's afraid to send pic in might have the real deal:)

  4. You're kidding right, Robert? We knew the giant squid existed, bodies washed up on shore. We just didn't know the what, when, and where ley lived part. That was the mystery. With Bigfoot all these self proclaimed experts say they know their habits, where they live, what they eat, what ares they are at any given time, hell they even shoot them and get plastered all over TV even if their stories don't stand and every bit of "evidence" they have fails. Pretty much the exact opposite of the giant squid.

  5. Musky Allen is a fat greasy lying dirtbag.

  6. Personally, I don't believe there is such a thing as Sasquatch. I've lived in the Pacific NW my whole life and that is the general consensus here. I believe in a lot of things; bigfoot isn't one of them.