Sunday, May 04, 2014

Possible Squamish Bigfoot Filmer Interviewed

Squamish Bigfoot Canada

With the help of Cryptozoologist Simon Hicks we had recently concluded that the "Possible Sasquatch Outside of Squamish" footage was most likely a bear rather than an actual Bigfoot. You can see that past article and the slowed-down version of the video here: Possible Bigfoot Outside Squamish BC Analyzed.

Apparently the guy that was doing the filming that day is a wildlife biologist and is very familiar with bears, of which he said this creature wasn't. So it sounds like he's sticking to his guns on it being a real Bigfoot.

Amy Judd of Global News contacted the individual that filmed the creature for a brief interview and here is what he had to say about the sighting: 

B.C. man claims video shows possible "Sasquatch" outside Squamish

B.C. resident Mr. Lamont, who did not want his first name used, is a wildlife biologist and says he is very familiar with black bears and grizzlies, but this wasn’t either.

He actually shot the video about two years ago, but never got around to uploading it until now.
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