Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Rick Dyer's Fake Bigfoot "Hank" For Sale

Rick Dyer Fake Bigfoot

It's been about a month since Rick Dyer admitted to his Bigfoot hoax and since then things have been relatively quiet from the Dyer camp. (It's been kinda nice) But now he re-surfaces to put his Bigfoot dummy, Hank up for sale. He says he wants $10,000.00 for it and has had offers as high as $7,000 so far. He also says he's cleanin' out the trailer to get ready for his upcoming Summer tour and that we aint seen nuthin yet.  Yes Rick, we have seen something, finally, and it turned out to be a fake Bigfoot like many of us already suspected. So please spare yourself and the Bigfoot community any more embarrassment, and do not tour again.

Watch the video below to hear the sales pitch:

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  1. Rick Dyer is the world's dumbest jackass to ever walk the earth. His wife is hot though, wouldn't mind showing her how a real man would treat her.

    1. I agree. Even after a bunch of kids she holds it together.

  2. Rick is full of shit. Nobody would pay that kind of money for a shitty chicken coop.