Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives - Discovery Channel June 1 at 9/8C

Russian Yeti

Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives, premiers on the Discovery Channel June 1, 2014 at 9E/8C.

On February 2, 1959, nine college student ski hikers, climbed up the icy slopes of the Ural Mountains in the heart of Russia but never made it out alive. Investigators have never been able to give a definitive answer behind who or what caused the bizarre crime scene. Fifty-five years later, American explorer Mike Libecki re-investigates the mystery – known as The Dyatlov Pass incident – but what he uncovers is truly horrifying.

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  1. Does anyone know if this is a real documentary or is it like a Blair Witch?

  2. I know the part about the hikers that died back in the fifties is true. Everything about that story is true but as far as the two people telling the story and them sleeping in that cave and all that I don't know if they are acting or trying to just create drama and interest. The dyaltov pass incedent is very true and still unsolved. It has caught my interest for sure

    1. If I had a password and the money had going investigated I'm intrigued can't stop watching it looking for flaws