Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tim Fasano Issues Challenge To "Buck" Of Mountain Monsters

Tim Fasano Challenge

We all know Tim Fasano is probably the greatest Skunk Ape tracker ever to set foot in a Florida swamp. And now he wants to prove it - to the world.

Tim has been looking to be on a TV show for quite awhile now, and frankly I think he deserves to be on one. The guy is funny and is a beast in the woods. Tim just issued this field challenge to "Buck" of Mountain Monsters:

This guy is way fatter then me and he has a TV show! WTF? This fake show uses all the techniques of Bigfoot researchers and makes a parody if it. Its TimberGiantBigfoot on steroids. I actually like the show and will challenge Buck to a one on one. We will see who’s the best.
Buck Mountain Monsters

Do you think Tim Fasano would make for some good TV? And do you think he could take Buck in a field challenge?

You can check out Tim's blog here:

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  1. Ah HAHA! What a hoot! He says all that and then says he likes the show.No filter between brain&mouth-at least you know he will always tell you what he thinks. I actually liked;D👍

  2. Tim Fasano is a hoaxer - who cares about a challenge from him.

  3. "Its TimberGiantBigfoot on steroids.". Wait, is this the same TGB that Fatsonofa once posted a blubbering crying video to, asking forgiveness and begging to be his friend? ROFL!!!!!

  4. Tim Kicks ass...Would be awesome to see him get his own TV show!

  5. The ONLY fake and staged act here is Fasano himself, stop seeking attention on blog posts so much, and focus on a show and maybe you would actually get one.