Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Tim Fasano Reports From His Bomb Shelter About Conspiracy


Tim Fasano M.U.T.O

We just reported 2 days ago about a message from Tim Fasano regarding some big-time conspiracy theories that he thought were developing across the globe. Well it looks like Tim is taking this very seriously and has gone into hiding, deep inside his fallout shelter. He claims a very LARGE hole was found in Tampa, Florida today and it has been quartered off from the public, as well as quite a few sonic booms that can't be explained by conventional means. Are we on the edge of imminent disaster or has Tim gone off the deep end??

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  1. ANYONE FRIENDS WITH THIS GUY TIM ?? if so go to him agree with him ,like i no ino there all coming to get us i no ,,yes tim no one believe's ya ,,I DO TIM YOUR FRIEND ? got it then you say lets go on a drive ,,get him to hospital ,,but tell him its a secret base ,,and he has to stay there to save the world ,that he is the only one who can, and we all love him ..

  2. Sorry tim just have fun,,lol.