Thursday, May 15, 2014

Todd Standing's Blinking Bigfoot Recreated By Bigfoot Researcher


The Todd Standing blinking Bigfoot controversy continues...

People in the Bigfoot community seem somewhat divided over the validity of  Todd Standing's blinking Bigfoot. On one hand, you have people that are sure it's a real Bigfoot and think Todd is a legit Bigfoot researcher. On the other hand, you have his skeptics who have seen his shady actions for years now. Here is what one of his detractors had to say on a Bigfoot forum: "Todd's stuff is as fake as it gets, notice his puppets started to blink only after backlash from viewers. I listen to his Radio Show, at the mere mention of his videos being hoaxed he breaks into maniacal laughter, an obvious sign of lying or being evasive. Todd is a complete nut job who's looking to make money." 

Could this be true? Is Todd just an elaborate hoaxer trying to make some bank? Or could there actually be some truth to his stories and footage? As the saying goes, "Once a hoaxer, always a hoaxer" and many think Todd has been hoaxing for years, but could he have stumbled across something real during all of this?

Just the other day M.K. Davis did his stabilization of the blinking Bigfoot video, and now we have D.W. Lee of the Mid-America Bigfoot Research Group doing some work on it. This is what D.W. had to say about the video he made: "Here is an example of how an eye blink can be hoaxed, this was done with a program called Crazytalk. It's just a rough cut I did because of lack of time. But it shows how the blinky video could have been made."

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  1. Wow, there you have it. A digital modification that is even more believable than the original hoaxed video! Hard to pull the wool over the eyes of people who can do the hoax even better!

  2. Oh yeah, and FURST!

  3. I believe it :-)

  4. Many people have one pupil 1 to 3 mm higher than the other and in the first footage there is a moment when it looks like its left eye is about 3mm higher. The photos of Todd standing look as if his left eye is slightly lower.

  5. A large bigfoot whose face has human like proportions should have a pupillary distance larger than a humans who tops out around 75mm and ave 65. If you know the type of camera and the distance to the subject you could measure the blinking shot from the right pupil to the center of the bridge of the nose and compare it to Mr Standings actual pupil distance(assuming the mask is centered).

  6. Not to start more crap here but the fact that we cannot see both eyes blink would allow for a mask that is extra wide to give the illusion of a wide pupil distance by have the nose covering part of the unseen eye.