Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Watch: Bigfoot Researcher Has A Meltdown

Sasquatch Stump
The Not So Elusive Stump Squatch

Warning: Searching for the elusive Sasquatch can really wear you out, both physically and mentally.

The Bigfoot community is full of all types of people, making all types of claims. It's enough to make your head spin at times. Apparently there are a few people in particular that have really set this guy off.

Watch as South Jersey Sasquatch has a meltdown over all the Bullshit in Squatchdom. Then makes an amazing discovery.

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  1. Ok... I'm assuming that was a joke? Cause though I believe Sasquatch is part human, I don't think they can write lol HAHA!;)

  2. Why not? Maybe Sasquatch Ontario is the new Bigfoot School Marm.

    1. AH HAHA!!;) I'm sure they've heard those two words shouted at them,out of frustration, a lot lol

  3. Replies
    1. I believe it was a spoof or joke. Either his or someone elses. Lol