Monday, June 02, 2014

Dogman or Bigfoot? Southern Wisconsin Encounter

Wisconsin Dogman or Bigfoot Encounter

Southern Wisconsin is an area known by Cryptid enthusiasts for its Dogman sightings. The Dogman is said to resemble a large bi-pedal wolf or dog like creature but some Cryptozoologists speculate that it could just be a misidentified Bigfoot. The story of the Dogman first hit mainstream news back in the early 1990's when Linda Godfrey broke the chilling story of a werewolf-like creature said to lurk in farms and forests of southern Wisconsin, thus coining the term "The Beast of Bray Road."

One area in particular that has had quite a bit of activity over the last decade is Rock County. This is where Katie Zahn and two friends encountered a group of three Dogmen drinking from a stream in the summer of 2004. According to Zahn, the creatures cupped their hands to bring water up to their mouths much like a human would. Katie was featured on MonsterQuest and passed an extensive polygraph test.

Rock County isn't just known for it's Dogman encounters, it has also had a number of Bigfoot sightings as well.

This video takes place in Rock County. The eyewitness shows us an area where he has seen and heard some unusual things that could be Bigfoot related. The man is a social worker and is familiar with the homeless building shelters and he says the structures he has been finding do not look like your typical man-made ones.

Toward the end of the video he describes his sighting of a Bigfoot or Dogman while driving down the road.

Part 2: Dogman or Bigfoot? Southern Wisconsin Encounter - Part 2

The interview and investigation was led by Donna Fink. She runs the Facebook Group: SWWO / OMI Southern Wisconsin's Wild Ones / Ohio, Michigan, Illinois
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  1. Linda Godfrey was on Coast to Coast AM withhost George Knapp several times. In one interview she revealed a bigfoot encounter she had. Apparently a bigfoot vocalized and broke a tree branch. She didn't see the bigfoot but the smell was on the branch.
    I enjoyed her scary dogman stories but I didn't buy this one.

  2. I think it was this show:

    August 26 2012.
    Manwolf & Creature Sightings
    It might be on youtube