Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Dogman or Bigfoot? Southern Wisconsin Encounter - Part 2

Dogman Or Bigfoot Sightings

In this video they continue their investigation of an area where there has been Dogman or Bigfoot activity. They also discuss some of the other Bigfoot & Dogman sightings that have occurred in southern Wisconsin.

Part 1: Dogman or Bigfoot? Southern Wisconsin Encounter
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  1. Someone needs to explain to me what dogman is suppose to be....is it another type of sasquatch or considered a werewolf?

  2. The distraction technique is something I've thought they do for awhile. Some sightings seem accidental on Sasquatchs part, but when one is hidden, knows your there,but decides to stand up and walk slowly in opposite direction, I think it is distracting u from ones ur too close to. Something to think on;)