Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Finding Bigfoot's Bobo Fay Interview - After Hours with Rictor Webcast

Finding Bigfoot Bobo Fay Interview

On this episode of After Hours with Rictor we have the Finding Bigfoot star Bobo Fay! This is a 3-part interview of which parts 1 & 2 are below. Part 3 will happen in the near future and will be posted shortly after it airs.

Joining Rictor are co-hosts Melissa Adair and Rob Gaudet from Squatch Unlimited.
In Part 1 topics include Bobo's injuries from Finding Bigfoot, why the cast is going to the United Kingdom, Cliff Barackman's work on the Orang Pendeck, Bobo's surfing history, his first Bigfoot encounter, and what his opinion is of the alleged hoaxer, Todd Standing. We also show the trailer of Rob Gaudet's upcoming movie, "Skookum", and razz him for his beliefs on werewolves.


In Part 2 of the interview with Bobo Fay we have Tammy Murray filling in for Melissa Adair. Tammy is the owner of Sweet Sassy Glassy and creates some wonderful pieces of Bigfoot art.

In Part 2, topics include Bobo talking about what he has witnessed across the country in regards to gay rights, his relationship with his co-stars Matt Moneymaker and Ranae Holland. Bobo also reveals he has seen some unexplained phenomena and talks about his zapping experience and what he thinks it could be, oh just wait until he and Rob Gaudet get into a debate over Bob Hieronimus, the thorn in Bob Gimlin's side.

Part 2: Bobo Faye Interview

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  1. My gosh he's hot!! I wish I could be next to him, and just hear him talk for hours. I would so bend over and give him my virginity!