Friday, June 13, 2014

Kentucky Boy Sees Bigfoot And Becomes A Believer

Kentucky Bigfoot Sightings

It seems like there are a lot of Bigfoot sightings coming out of Kentucky lately. This one takes place in Ohio County, Kentucky in June of 2014. The Interview was taken by Don Neal of the KBRO (Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization).

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  1. I believe it...I'm from Ohio born and raised. When i was young, my older brother would tell me the story of when he saw a big animal that would be considered a "bigfoot" i guess. He and his hunting buddies drew their weapons and when they turned the spot light on and looked back up where the thing was standing it was gone. They turned back and left the woods, upon crossing the river via the bridge, he said some fishers were screaming and running back to their cars where they had parked near the river. They looked down in the river and there was a large "man-like" animal walking across the river. I thought it was just a story until I saw something in the same woods years later. I would tell the story but I don't want to sound crazy and I have never told my experience before. But I'll say this. When I see it again I won't just have a little pellet gun this time. I will put an end to this and finally get some closure.