Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Large Sasquatch Caught on Video in Alberta?! - A Closer Look

Sasquatch Calgary Alberta

In January of 2014 a fairly compelling video emerged of what appeared to be a large Sasquatch. The figure appeared to be crouching down on a river bank and then stood up and walked away into the woods. The footage was taken by a family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

One concern I have with the original footage is that there is an edit around the 20 second mark. Why is there an edit there?

Anyhow, in this video Thinker Thunker takes a closer look at things and makes some interesting conclusions.

Let me know what you think. Someone in a Sasquatch costume or the real deal?

Bigfoot Sasquatch Sighting in Calgary Alberta Canada


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  1. Furst. And yawn, another guy in a bad fur suit, with some whacko wanna be researcher plucking measurements out of thin air to make the costume seem massive. Never mind that the tree he is using is in the background beyond the suit guy. Doesn't matter. The goal is to propagate the myth at all costs.

  2. I don't know, looks real! Don't think kids would make it up.