Sunday, June 01, 2014

Skunk Ape Tracker Tim Fasano Battling Infection & Broken Foot

Tim Fasano Injury

It was just yesterday we reported on Tim Fasano's challenge to Buck of Mountain Monsters, where Tim seemed to be at the top of his game. Now today we come to find out some bad news concerning Tim's health.

As the story goes, Tim was on a Bigfoot expedition leading his team down a rocky slope to a waterfall where animals and possibly Skunk Apes go to drink. On his way out of the area he slipped and fell on the rock face, breaking his foot and causing a staph infection.

Tim had this to say earlier today:
I should be in traction at a hospital. I'm taking the meds but if this is not better soon, I'm going to Tampa General. My foot looks like a gord. Now let me tell you about the wound the bandage is covering up! Yikes!
Tim was lucky to get out of there in one piece and from the looks of his injuries he will be laid up for awhile. We wish you the best Tim! Hurry up and heal so you can get back out in them swamps!

Tim Fasano Sleeping
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