Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sundance Utah Bigfoot Footage - 3 Videos

Sundance Utah Bigfoot

This is the original video of an alleged Bigfoot that was filmed near Sundance, Utah. Sundance is not that far from the infamous Provo Canyon sighting.

Apparently a couple of people were driving near Sundance, Utah and saw something out of the ordinary, so they turned the car around and started filming. When they approached the alleged Bigfoot it was still there standing on the side of the road near the tree line.

Real Bigfoot or someone in a Bigfoot costume?

Original Video

Bigfoot Sighting near Sundance Utah - Zoomed - Stabilized - Original


Here is an enhancement video from The Crypto Crew.

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  1. Wow, as crappy as they tried to make that video, you can still tell it's a terrible off the shelf gorilla suit! LOL!

  2. Its the lack of excitement or fear in their voices, that tell me its probably fake and that it hung out for the return of the vehicle.