Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ape Canyon Incident - CryptoLogic Radio - Wednesday 7/23 8PM EST

Ape Canyon Bigfoot

Join the CryptoLogic crew as they explore the infamous Ape Canyon Incident. This is a famous story and an integral part of Bigfoot history which occurred in 1924. This is bound to be a great show on a great topic.

History certainly plays a huge role in our collective understanding of the phenomenon we call Sasquatch. The Ape Canyon incident is a huge part of that history. Long before the PG film or Boggy Creek, there was a night of hell in the PNW. It is an event that cannot be easily dismissed. Marc and his group (DWP Research) have been working diligently to uncover the truth about Ape Canyon and what happened there in 1924. They represent the tip of the research spear. Our team member and cohost Cindy Bowers has spent quite a bit of time in contact with Marc so that CryptoLogic Radio may bring you this breaking news of discovery as it is unfolding. We are truly entering the “Age of Discovery” in bigfoot research and investigation. Now, more than ever, technology and research are being brought to bear in earnest in the field on a broad scale. There are more investigations and research expeditions being conducted than ever before. It is a very exciting time for all of us. Please join us as we discuss the research being conducted to shed light on the Ape Canyon incident, including the recent expedition to the site and future expeditions.

Listen to the show live here: CryptoLogic Radio

There will be a chat-room to interact in as well. Just click the link above and scroll down to join the chat-room.

Clip from an the docudrama film that was called "Sasquatch."

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  1. Nice!! This will be a Great Show!

  2. the miners shouldn't have killed their family member.. just getting revenge